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Dave Krieg Joins Blizzard Ownership Group


The Green Bay Blizzard is pleased to announce that former NFL quarterback and Wisconsin native Dave Krieg has joined the ownership group. Krieg will join the existing ownership group led by Brian Noble and Head Coach Bob Landsee.

Krieg, a Wisconsin native is excited to be apart of the Blizzard organization.

“It is a great way to keep myself involved in the game and since I am from Wisconsin, the Blizzard is great to be apart of,” said Krieg. “If the state wanted me to do something for tourism, I would be great at it because I love to hype Wisconsin,” joked Krieg.

Krieg is probably best known for his time spent with the Seattle Seahawks (1980-91) who gave him his start as an undrafted free agent from Milton College in Wisconsin. Krieg, a three-time NFL Pro Bowler, played 19 years in the NFL with six different teams including the Seattle Seahawks (1980-1991), Kansas City Chiefs (1992-93), Detroit Lions (1994), Arizona Cardinals (1995), Chicago Bears (1996), and Tennessee Oilers (1997-98).

During his career Krieg amassed 38,147 passing yards (12th NFL All-Time), with 261 touchdowns (10th NFL All-Time), a 58.5% completion percentage with 3,105 completions (11th NFL All-Time), as well as an 81.5 career quarterback rating.

For more information contact the Blizzard office at (920)405-1264.


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