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The Dave Krieg story starts with a young man who is the 7th string quarterback in a school of approximately 300 students in a small town in Wisconsin.

“How bad can it get if there are only 50 guys on the team and you’re the 7th best quarterback?” recalls Dave.

With a little luck, a bit of attrition, a lot of hard work and some terrific skills, Dave Krieg achieved a successful career in the National Football League. He remembers calling home to say, “Hey Dad, guess what? I got great seats and they gave me a uniform!”

Dave's story is one of terrific inspiration. He challenged the odds and came out on top with a successful professional football career that spans 19 years, includes countless awards, recognition, records and honors, and landed him into the Seahawks Ring of Honor in 2004.

Dave is available for motivational speaking to your corporation, partnership, small business, non-profit organization or community group. Through his honest, lively, humor-filled and personal stories, he will demonstrate leadership skills he's learned through his extensive NFL experience.

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